Well believe it or not historical accounts of skateboarding around the turn of the record. Although they were mostly made of wooden baskets nailed to a 2 X 4 or plank, these concoctions do make up the precursors to the modern day skateboard. The wheels, which were strapped on generally cam off of roller skates; these were the earliest Skateboards.Of course you can already see the problem with wobbling down a hill and crashing and yes they were dangerous. More than one personal journal tells of broken limbs and skinned up elbows, hands and knees, that’s for sure. Indeed by today’s standards they also had problems with Friction due to steel wheels and the wooden wheels broke fairly quickly when used.

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Clay wheels which did not last as long really did not come along until the late 1940s or Early 1950s. Either way wood, steel or clay they were very slow compared to the urethane wheels brought forth in the 1970s. The old skateboards, which were literally Roller overboard combinations were Heavy and Hard to Ride and on a steep hill; darn dangerous.In the Future we will get the flying cars we were promised and the flying skateboards too. What Future Designs and Styles will we see? Will there be clothes attire to match? Custom Sportswear? What about Back Packs and Accessories? Yes, all this will be available with the future Hover Boards, just like in the Science Fiction Movies.

Then there will be Interactive Skateboard Parks and for poor weather days also Video Games. Virtual Reality Skateboard Games for the Living Room, which will be so close to real that they will be just as fun. Wheels of the board should also be considered while buying a skateboard. The hardness levels and size of wheels vary a great deal. A small wheel that is around 55 millimeters in size or less and is quite hard is an appropriate choice for skaters who love street skateboarding. You can also look for a hard and larger wheel that is in the size ranging from 55 millimeters to 65 millimeters. However, if you are a complete longboard enthusiast, there are exclusive wheels available for longboards. These wheels are usually the largest and are in the size that varies between 65 millimeter and 100 millimeter for a comfortable and easily balanced ride. Longboard skateboards can be a choice for those who are mainly interested in using it for transport and cruising purposes.